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Lake Calumet

Historic Native Americans of the Calumet Region

Calumet Pipe

 Early Chicago

Encyclopedia of Chicago

Industrial development became possible in 1869, when Congress appropriated money for a harbor at South Chicago. In the 1890s, the Calumet River was straightened and dredged. Industry began moving into the area in the 1870s, and by the early twentieth century the Pullman Company, the South Works of U.S. Steel, and other industries had been established in southeast Chicago and Hammond. To accommodate industry, the channel of the Grand Calumet was moved and straightened. The Indiana Harbor Canal connecting the Grand Calumet with Lake Michigan at East Chicago was completed in 1906, and industries moved to its banks. Burns Ditch, completed in 1926, connected the Little Calumet with Lake Michigan in Porter County, draining thousands of acres of marsh and facilitating development. Parts of the Grand Calumet and Little Calumet drained into the lake at these new outlets, depending on rainfall and lake levels. This harbor complex became the most important on the Great Lakes. With steel mills, oil refineries, chemical plants, packinghouses, and other industries, the Calumet system became the industrial center of the Chicago region. Since the model town of Pullman was built near its western shore in the early 1880s, Lake Calumet has been drastically altered. Vast areas of it have been filled in with refuse and converted to use as parkland and docks, while extensive dredging has deepened other parts to accommodate shipping.

 Abe Kleinman

September 1876
The Pigeon Shooter Takes a Shoot at Higher Game.
Drunken Revelry at Shang Noyes’—Sudden End of the Jollity.
Charley Creighton, of South Chicago, Receives a Serious Wound.
The Sportsman Locked-Up in the Hyde Park Calaboose.

 Irondale Wants New Name

July 1903

Muskrat Hunting in Chicago River; Animals Furnish Fur

January 1908

 For Lake Calumet Harbor

October 1908

Big City Harbor on Lake Calumet Finally Assured
December 1922

Louis Armstrong - Muskrat Ramble

YouTube: Louis Armstrong - Muskrat Ramble. 29 feb, 1926. Armstrong (tp), Kid Ory (tb), Johnny Dodds (cl), Lil Armstrong (p), Johnny St. Cyr (bj).

Chicago Police Tell Fight for Lives in Rioting

June 1937

Mill Workers’ Social Center Made Possible by Clubwomen

March 1938

Chicago Area’s No. 1 Industry is Steel Making

January 1940

New Bus Route to Calumet War Plants Is Ready

December 1942

Rails Move for Truce in Calumet Row

September 1949

Mark 75 Years of Steel Making in Chicagoland

June 1950

Vet Protests South Deering Rezoning Plea

November 1950

Parade Roseland 1960s - Muskrat Pete 1940s, Speedboat ride down Calumet River 1950's


Face Lifting Belies Age of South Deering

April 1954

Lake Calumet Harbor: Chicago’s Gateway to the World

October 1958

Lake Calumet Rich in History Legend

July 1959

The 8 Nurses: 5 Hour Killing

July 1966

Mission is Port of Call for Lonely Seafarers

September 1966

Seek New Dumping Sites

October 1967 

Incinerator Stoker

February 1972

Lake Calumet Complex Stalled, Waiting Landfill

October 1975

Free Trade Zone to Open Near Lake Calumet Port

November 1975

Vandals Hit Pantry at South Side Church

January 1988

Lake Calumet Dumping Ground Declared a Superfund Site

March 2010

Ask Geoffrey: What’s the Plan for Lake Calumet?

October 2016

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